Desperate for Nintendo NX? New Information Expected Soon

There is a bunch of talk surrounding Nintendo with the unveiling or Super Mario Run, including the brand and potential profitability. Also, their share prices have increased greatly which was seen with Pokémon GO. This hints that bringing Mario into the mobile world is

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Super Mario Run Will Be an Exclusive for Apple iOS

Nintendo is getting further into the mobile gaming world, but this time, Nintendo has brought along their most beloved character, Mario! During Apple’s event, the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto went on stage. He is the creator of the Super Mario Bros. game, so

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Best 7 Games for PlayStation Vita

Sony’s Playstation Vita is somewhat of a peculiarity, amidst all the smartphones, low-cost game apps, and touchscreen controls; the Vita is hefty handheld option. Regardless, we are fond of this pricy, portable, powerful gaming console and the wide variety of unique games you can

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12 years can really make a difference. In the extended amount of time between the releases of Doom games, there has been much evolution in the first-person shooter genre. Open worlds were embraced in

Forza Motorsport 6

Racing games have developed to the point that we can no longer count how many times we’ve raced along Road America’s straightaways or driven the twists and turns in the Bernese Alps. This only

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In XCOM 2, humanity is doomed. The story of the sequel follows the bad ending of XCOM: Enemy Unknown: attempts to stop the alien

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