Super Mario Run Coming to Android This March

Super Mario Run has been released for the iOS for a couple of weeks now, but Android users were forced to wait to try Mario’s first smartphone game. Well, the wait is almost over as Super Mario Run will be coming to Google-powered phones

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced for 2017

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been announced by Rockstar Games, which is a sequel to the Western epic which many people consider to be the best game developed by Rockstar. Naturally, the internet is filled with people who are thrilled as interest for

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Killing Floor 2

A biotech company called Horzine created horrible monsters, and now soldiers, mercenaries, and survivors are trying to clean up the mess. Killing Floor 2 follows a very simple loop, but it does it so well that you

Dirt Rally

In Dirt Rally, your co-driver’s instructions are as imperative to your survival as your car staying on the road. They’re a source of guidance for the severity of each twist of the track, and

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A world, broken at the hands of technological progress, decays in silence and darkness. Cowed and enslaved people shuffle mindlessly through the streets.Overseers dressed

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The act of moving through Bound’s unique, abstract, and utterly gorgeous world is unlike anything ever experienced in games. Developer Plastic, which previously worked

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The Talos Principle

As the title implies, The Talos Principle is a game for thinkers. (No it’s not related in any way to the Skyrim character.) Hardly

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