Free Shadowrun: Hong Kong Gets Five Additional Hours of Gameplay

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Are you a fan of the Shadowrun series? If you own the original version of Shadowrun: Hong Kong, you will be excited to hear that it is going to be getting some much-needed and anticipated bonuses in the near but unspecified future. Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming extension.

Since its release last summer, Shadowrun: Hong Kong has been rather quiet, but the developer, Harebrained Schemes, has stated that the cyberpunk fantasy RPG will be getting an Extended Edition, free for those who already own the original version. That is great news for anyone who has already played through and have been waiting on the next best thing to come, or for those that just want more out of their love for Shadowrun.

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At this time, they have not released any details regarding what is in the extension, but they did state on Facebook that this extended version is going to be adding five or more hours’ worth of gameplay to the original version. In addition, it provides over 100 hours in developer commentary, including some discussions of the earlier NPC concepts for Kindly Cheng.

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In the August review by PC Gamer, Shadowrun: Hong Kong got a rating of 70/100, which is a decent score. The reviewer referred to it as being the best version of Shadowrun at present, but went on to state that the franchise overall is starting to “get a bit long in the tooth.” Although, PC Gamer and others have admitted that Shadowrun is one franchise series that has held its own over the years, which is rare in the world of RPGs, and expect many more great quality games to come in the future as well.

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If you are a Shadowrun fan, you won’t want to miss out on the newest release. Keep your eyes open for additional news coming out regarding the expected released date of the new extension.

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