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Anno 2205 is another instalment of the Anno city-building series that brings together the activities of balancing cash flow, developing infrastructure, and of course the citizens’ unreasonable desires. Although there is a slight moral regarding the whole global warming and caring for the planet thing, it appears that history is set to repeat itself, as the inhabitants retain the shocking ability to consume at lighting speed. Once sea levels rise in Anno 2070, the temperate islands that remain see a popularity increase in cybernetics, while hipsters located on the moon seek Rejuvenators.

Anno 2205 is going to throw you right into an environment where you are going to be racing to colonize the moon. Your long-term goal is extracting the helium-3 element in order to create a fusion reactor. There have to be supply lines established, as the moon is very low on health food shops and farmer’s markets, so maintaining these supply lines is very important. You will also need to consider shipping costs in your budget, making the strategy planning even more fun and challenging.

Like with any other city builder, there is a challenge of optimization, but it isn’t very challenging on standard difficulty since the flow of money is better due to the citizens’ eagerness to work more. You will have the Lunar Licensing Program in your mission log opposite your ‘quests’ that acts as a step-by-step guide to the campaign. You can use the LLP to save time once you learn how to use it, as it explains what and when to build, while you determine how to fill the gaps.

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The Anno series is more about being reactive than proactive. Instead of focusing on strategy, you build things and then watch as chaos occurs, prior to enhancing the facilities that restore balance. Those transferring from Cities: Skylines will find things quite minimalistic and plain, but this allows expanding almost to everywhere that has a road, regardless of zoning or mistakes, which you can correct as you go.

After modules have been introduced, the penalty-free relocation provides an added advantage, as you do not have to build two factories to do the job that a single slightly larger factory can handle. Expanding a factory that already exists is much cheaper and easier. Anno’s usual RTS-like elements are accompanied by sub-plots. Although we found imagining Iron Sky more enjoyable, the moon terrorists were angered because of exploitation and distribution of wealth. These distractions are optional, but expanding cities is another way to progress.

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The graphics of Anno 2205 are visually appealing and attractive, but it can easily test your machine as it renders the details. Although these details have no real purpose other than an interesting appeal, it’s still fun to see that those who inhabit the moon are hopping rather than walking. If you have the option, we recommend installing the game to an SSD, since the load time between maps can be quite off-putting.

Anno 2205 is by far the most straightforward and streamlined title. It goes at a great pace and it’s actually more forgiving than other city builders we were able to think of. Because of this, it is also a great entry point to the Anno series. However, the balance of gameplay does lack depth, and it makes us wonder what the veterans of Cities: Skylines would really get from Anno 2205’s softer coaching style.

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