Ark: Survival Evolved: Issues with Xbox One Servers, New Dinosaur Added

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If you think Ark: Survival Evolved maintenance was for everybody, think again! Because it was done only for Xbox One version, sorry to disappoint you, guys. Now you understand why you can’t get access to the game when its servers are down if you’re a happy owner of Xbox One version?

Express states that Ark: Survival Evolved gamers in the UK won’t be able to connect to the game. Reportedly, thanks to a scheduled maintenance, the servers in the UK are turned off at 5 am and will be off for around 3 hours or more. To remind you, it’s only the issue with Xbox One version of Ark: Survival Evolved.

But let’s look at a brighter side of things. The developers just revealed the addition of a new dinosaur to ever expanding the game of Ark: Survival Evolved, noted Windows Report. It looks like a fantasy vulture or eagle thing. Check it out on the picture below:

Ark Survival Evolved screenshot

Are you one of the lucky ones? What do you think about the update? Tell us in the comments below and check out how Homefront refused microtransactions and The Witness got over $5 million in the first week.

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