Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

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assasins creed syndicate screenshot

Stealth being your primary tool, you are able to yet again go into the memories of heroic assassins with the use of a futuristic machine, exploring, questing, and free-running across an open map full of significant landmarks and symbols. The streets are covered with innocent citizens, angry constables, and enemy faction members that give you cause to lurk in the shadows of the crowd.

Within moments of stepping into this world, you are given the gift of a rope launcher from Alexander Graham Bell. With this you are able to explore the Assassin’s Creed logic filled city like you have before. Though it does help you get up to certain rooftops with ease, it also provides a broken logic in which you are able to do something impossible without it, and those same actions are made undoable with it. It does, however, offer the means to escape a loosing battle much more simplistically than you would without having it. Another positive aspect is the difficulty of certain mission types, whereas previous games proved it difficult to tail someone, or stealthily maneuver through enemy territory, the developers have made it a little less hair pulling in Syndicate.

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With an Arkham-style combat, you will find yourself patiently clicking repetitively through attacks and counter-attacks among dozens of enemies throughout the game. Allowing for a GTA feel, hijack a horse-drawn carriage and speed down the streets of London, taking out the street dwellers as you go.

Though initially these aspects are fun and well placed for the game, they become a chore when you played a little bit. You fight against a gang that has ceased control over London, the Blighters, and you are able to dispatch members of your own gang to handle some of your dirty work. Still, come for the story, stay in one place for endless battles.

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Jacob and Evie Frye are twin assassins in Syndicate, and with the ability to switch between both during the open-world missions, you are only able to perform story missions with one or the other. But there is more to them than just that. They both have their own specializations towards late gameplay. Jacob is more of a hands on player, as Evie tends to be a woman of subtle means throughout the game. Both are extremely lovable, with separate goals for most of the game. Incredibly animated, their facial expressions are on point, and will even cause you to react justly to them. You are able to craft or unlock stealthier equipment, or more lethal weapons to play strongly for their respective toolkits.

With an array of historical figures around every turn, you are able to find yourself assisting celebrities like Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin, and Charles Dickens. The story is great unless you have been taking notes for the last 40 to 50 Creed games. There are even brief interludes that are not really meant to be understood. The missions are better than in the other games and you will be dealing with side objectives and large areas that are crawling with enemies. There are some boring side missions, though, that seem repetitive such as rescuing children from sweatshops, assassinating Templars, and bounty hunting missions.

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There are a few bugs, but every game have them. You can fall into a white void, you can get stuck in scenery, and you may pinwheel until you die. It happens, but restarting does stop your progress from that moment.

The new tools and toys freshen up this game and no matter what, it is still Assassin’s Creed. The London streets are made well and eventually they become obstacles, but there are plenty of ways to get around them.

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