Batman: Arkham Knight

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batman arkham knight

Rocksteady Studios started the Batman: Arkham saga in 2009 with the game Batman: Arkham Asylum, considered the greatest video game based on a comic book hero ever. Who gave this saga that title? The gamers who invest time and money into exploring the string of amazing graphical details and storylines.

In 2011, the bar was raised again by the second installment of Batman: Arkham City. This took an already in-depth view of the world of Batman and made it delve deeper into the Dark Knight.

arkham knight flying

While fans patiently awaited the next installment, Rocksteady realized that they needed more time to outdo themselves again. Turning to the publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, they were able to take advantage of in-house development to kick out Arkham Origins, a prequel to the series. Origins seemed to leave an anxious feel in the fans, as well as a disappointed disposition towards the game, as it did not offer any kind of advancement in the series the fans had wanted.

In 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight finally arrived, taking place a year from the Joker’s death. Though Gotham seems tranquil, there is a definite overture of drastic threat in the ominous future of the city. With a new threat of Scarecrow now driving himself to either rule or destroy Gotham, he plots to release a chemical that will make everyone go insane and bring death to the streets. The only hope of stopping him is Batman. However, in this new installment he is facing insanity himself.

Suit up

arkham knight batsuit

Leading veteran players into the world of familiarity, and new players into a world of mystery and excitement, this game truly continues the evolution that was set forth in Arkham Asylum. Early into the action, you get a new suit, and with this suit you get a new assortment of toys and abilities to make it more exhilarating while you grapple, glide, and knock out goons across the city.

With this new suit and old-school beatdown, you are now able to perform the feared multi-takedown ability. This starts off as a takedown to instantly sneak up and knock out three enemies, but later can be increased to five. A few other nifty tricks are the environmental takedowns, such as smashing someone’s head into an electrical box or light bulb. You are also able to take melee weapons from enemies and beat them with it like they insulted your “mamma.”

The story

arkham knight companions

With Scarecrow’s goons flooding the city, you are able to follow the storyline pretty simply, but what is a good game without side missions? There are so many exciting missions to explore, you are even able to team up with various characters and play as old favorites from the comics. Offering some astounding double-team takedowns, Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing all make their existence very well known in Arkham Knight.

With the missions offering wonderful diversions from the main story, you find yourself going from a simple serial killer case to chasing down other villains straight out of a comic book special. For every ability needed in late gameplay, as well as upgrades, you will find yourself backtracking to do missions you skipped early for much needed Waynetech credits and experience, so it is recommended to do them as they come.

The tank sidekick

arkham knight batmobile

As mentioned before, there are new toys for Batman to play with. The main toy, and your trusted companion, is the Batmobile. Now it makes its presence truly known with an assortment of guns, cannons, wenches, computer tech, and “Riot Suppression” ammo to maintain that old school Batman that die-hard fans know and love. Adding a comical twist to the ‘non-kill’ comic hero, the Batmobile will send out an electrical shock to remove pedestrians out of your way.

To detour away from the habitual ‘rock’em sock’em’ gameplay of old, there are many missions that require the Batmobile and its various upgradable attachments to complete. The Batmobile controls were designed to satisfy seasoned in-game drivers as well to accommodate newbs. The missions bring more to the table than expected, from taking out unmanned drones and tanks, detonating bombs in the streets to just sending out an EMP blast to shut everything down. You find yourself on the edge of your batseat while working through the city.

arkham knight fighting

For the missions that don’t require the Batmobile, there are ways you can still utilize its arsenal of abilities to perform takedowns and help you out in tight spots throughout the game. The city is settled on three separated islands, all connected by bridge, that are completely accessible and free to roam. Though the Batmobile is handing on getting from one place to another, you will find yourself gliding the skyline and fully enjoying the scenery throughout Gotham’s well designed setup.

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