The newest Hitman game is a series of installments in a larger, multi-part story.

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The Talos Principle

As the title implies, The Talos Principle is a game for thinkers. (No it’s not related in any way to the Skyrim character.) Hardly a moment passes when you aren’t encouraged to push the

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During the recent PC Gaming Show, Obsidian Entertainment showed their latest title, Tyranny. The tagline is even intriguing, “Sometimes, evil wins.” The world that it takes place in, has actually been taken over by

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Tekken 7

Several months ago, Tekken 7 premiered in arcades in Japan. Presumably, a console version will be available next year, (a version for PS4 is confirmed). Meanwhile, if fans want to play right now, their

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The Witness

Out of all the games I’ve played, The Witness qualifies as one of the most challenging. While playing the game, I felt uncertainty, confusion and mental fatigue trying to understand its intricacies. There were

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One Piece: Burning Blood

In regards to current games with a basis in One Piece, on the Thousand Sunny pirate ship, there’s little room for novices. A 3D fighter, One Piece: Burning Blood revisits one of the most

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Best 7 Games for PlayStation Vita

Sony’s Playstation Vita is somewhat of a peculiarity, amidst all the smartphones, low-cost game apps, and touchscreen controls; the Vita is hefty handheld option. Regardless, we are fond of this pricy, portable, powerful gaming

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