Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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The time has finally come for those die-hard, literally hard to kill, try-hard COD players. Throughout 2015, the talk on most Black Ops 2 servers was surrounding the release of Black Ops 3, if you could get past the squeakers in the lobbies. When the release date was set and platforms revealed, many rushed out to buy their new console and pre-order the game. Others, however, complained that they could afford the game but not the system it required.

In an effort to please the salty crowd, upon release of BO3 the developers released a ‘nerfed’ versions of the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3. With the older platforms, they removed many features that are only obtainable and playable on the latest consoles. The PS3 version was smooth and decent enough to play anyway, the Xbox 360 version seemed to be the equivalent of a Nintendo 64 FPS however. As for the game itself, though an experienced team of developers was behind the curtain, it might as well be a hybrid of BO2 and Advance Warfare. While trying to create the next step in FPS, they ended up making a glorified DLC for what has already existed.


Call of Duty 3 Campaign

The story breaks a barrier by introducing the first female main character into the Call of Duty campaign. And like a female gamer, she is getting the holy hell beaten out of her. But instead of a try hard camper, it is a bipolar robot that beats you with your own ripped-off arms. To summarize, there is a new cold war starting with missions to Ethiopia that lead to disaster. The bad guys don’t get a lot of focus in the beginning, so it is hard to identify who they are exactly. You would think having your arms ripped off and then smacked against your head would be the game-ender.

Not anymore – you get to upgrade, we have the technology now. After the beating, you are thrown back into the PTSD inducing field with new robotic arms and different ways to cause death, such as Enhanced Wall-Jumping Abilities, Improved Combat HUD, and Augmentation Powers. As fun as they are to use, it is easy to overlook the similarities to other games. Although you able to recruit three friends to play co-op, you are unable to save co-op progression or even save missions replays. Do it in one sitting or don’t bother. As for the script and voice acting, well, the acting was great unlike the script, which left too many questions and gaps.

Graphics and Feel

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The graphics, as expected, are greatly enhanced in comparison to the previous COD games. The feel of BO3, though, is generally the same. With some annoying boundary limitations occurring during the mission to mission transitions fixed, it is now easier to go about completing the assignments at your own pace. Some bad habits still remain: the slow-motion breach-and-clear scenes, turret sequences that explode things regardless of the aim, and some terribly played out missions where you are almost able to just walk away from your console and let them complete themselves.

Multiplayer & Zombies

Call of Duty 3 Zombies

With no real big revolution in the multiplayer mode, which features essentially the same guns and maps, one big addition was introduced. There is a set of different character classes to choose from, all of which have their own unique abilities. The appearance of the different characters is just a passing blur in the heat of combat – taking place, but not really noted. This could however create an opening for the COD enterprise in the feature.

As for the zombies, though in the past they were ‘modified’, ‘enhanced’, ‘improved’, turned into aliens, and turned back, they went back to the same feel as BO2 zombie mode. Adding a few perks and graphical enhancements, they bring back that same 1940s feel with some hilarious voice acting. They have found their comfort zone with the zombie mode, now for the rest of the game to follow. We will wait.

In conclusion, this is another Call of Duty game that even haters will love as much as they disliked first person shooters before. Released for Xbox 360/One, PS3/4, and PC, early purchasers experienced some terrible graphic errors on PC versions. Most of those major issues were resolved in recent patches, but there are still a few minor ones you will encounter.

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