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Guilty Gear Xrd

From the creators of BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena, Guilty Gear Xrd is a necessity for fans of fighting games, but it’s also great for those new to the genre. Without a doubt, it

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Tekken 7

Several months ago, Tekken 7 premiered in arcades in Japan. Presumably, a console version will be available next year, (a version for PS4 is confirmed). Meanwhile, if fans want to play right now, their

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One Piece: Burning Blood

In regards to current games with a basis in One Piece, on the Thousand Sunny pirate ship, there’s little room for novices. A 3D fighter, One Piece: Burning Blood revisits one of the most

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Rising Thunder

The fighting genre is very hardcore within itself, and the community is nearly impenetrable by amateur enthusiasts. However, Evolution Championship Series is the largest fighting game tournament held annually, and it acts as a

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Mortal Kombat X

When asked what it is you want from a Mortal Kombat game, you are likely to respond with something violent like guts or exploding bones, while balanced fighting followed by a storyline of elder

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