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A world, broken at the hands of technological progress, decays in silence and darkness. Cowed and enslaved people shuffle mindlessly through the streets.Overseers dressed in masks and black clothes stand at the corners, waiting

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The act of moving through Bound’s unique, abstract, and utterly gorgeous world is unlike anything ever experienced in games. Developer Plastic, which previously worked on ambitious-if-not-strange PS3 projects like Datura and Linger in Shadows,

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The Talos Principle

As the title implies, The Talos Principle is a game for thinkers. (No it’s not related in any way to the Skyrim character.) Hardly a moment passes when you aren’t encouraged to push the

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The Witness

Out of all the games I’ve played, The Witness qualifies as one of the most challenging. While playing the game, I felt uncertainty, confusion and mental fatigue trying to understand its intricacies. There were

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Fate Tectonics

Play as the Grand Maker, a creator of worlds that places pieces of landscape together on flat planes in order to make the deities that float around happy. The goal is to build as

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Have you ever wanted to spend a few hours playing a game as a little robot solving puzzles? If so, try Unmechanical, the newest puzzler from Talawa Games. Playing as a little robot, you

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It would seem that the lives of sweatshop workers aren’t really that comfortable in space as it is on earth. After you spend a day working at the craters, you have to return to

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