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Master of Orion: Early Access

As a remade version of one of the most well-loved series of strategy games, Master of Orion was destined to fight an uphill battle. Here are our thoughts about the early access of the

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XCOM 2 Official Mods

One of the most interesting announcements early this year was Firaxis’ official partnership with Long War Studios, developers of the popular Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. According to the agreement, LWS has

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In XCOM 2, humanity is doomed. The story of the sequel follows the bad ending of XCOM: Enemy Unknown: attempts to stop the alien invasion have failed, and now the citizens of Earth live

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Door Kickers

If you are looking for a game that provides various amounts of variety, then Door Kickers has you covered in that department. It is brought to you by The Kill House and it’s a

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Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn is one of those types of strategy games you have a love-hate relationship with. It’s interesting enough to want to love, but just crosses the line of being annoying enough to really

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Anno 2205

Anno 2205 is another instalment of the Anno city-building series that brings together the activities of balancing cash flow, developing infrastructure, and of course the citizens’ unreasonable desires. Although there is a slight moral

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