Chaos Reborn

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Chaos Reborn is one of those types of strategy games you have a love-hate relationship with. It’s interesting enough to want to love, but just crosses the line of being annoying enough to really want to hate. To some, it may actually appear that the game is flawed, for example, if you pay attention to the percentage rates for casting or being successful. Basically, if you plan your strategy around the math, you will be disappointed to say the least.

For instance, we were able to boost our vampire’s cast rate up to and 87%, which should’ve meant 87 out of 100 casts were successful, but we failed to cast consistently, and this boost cost us a great deal of time and effort. Then our elf with a 90% success rate, also failed to attack and kill the opponent, even though it showed a 90% success rate. However, our goblin, who only had a 13% success rate, not only landed attacks, but killed a giant on a higher ground.

It’s moments like this, where the underdog seems to take the lead, that make us love the game. But the waste of time and effort invested in boosting the characters that come in last, makes us really want to throw the game into a trash bin. However, there is more to this game than the broken math statistics, which also makes it worth playing.

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The developers understood that less is more, but don’t let that fool you. The possibilities with Chaos Reborn are plentiful. You will find that after half a dozen matches you will still have combinatorial possibilities at hand. The real question is how many matches you will need to play before you understand and start appreciating the gameplay focused on myriad interactions more than anything else.

The attacks are just as fun to cast and watch as defeating your enemies. For example, raining down justice on your enemy or casting Shortage of Dwarfs that surrounds you with honor guards of scrubby little protectors who take the hits for you. These are just some of the fun and unique ways of defending yourself.

You are also able to obtain high scores in realm campaigns, enter 2v2 team matches, and play with crafting. Chaos Reborn is simple enough to learn and get used to, but mastering it becomes a challenge. It offers a balanced gameplay, as others are not able to simply out-grind you, out-buy you or out-learn you just to obtain a higher level. This is a common issue in many games these days that allow players to simply ‘power-game’ their way to the top in a short amount of time.

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You will not be collecting items like cards or unlocking things, and you will not be purchasing items with real money to get ahead. This takes you back to a time where gaming was about just that, focusing on the game, and where everything depended on how you played. There are not many titles that can claim that anymore.

Chaos Reborn is an updated remake of the 1985 game ‘Chaos’, which is likely the reason it has the appeal of being from another time. The update was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and a team of Bulgarians made sure it was completed. Now we have a game that is interesting and lovable, but downright annoying at times too.

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