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If you are looking for a game that provides various amounts of variety, then Door Kickers has you covered in that department. It is brought to you by The Kill House and it’s a RTS that allows you to control what an elite SWAT team would do in various situations. The weapons are modeled after real life weapons, such as the shotgun and pistols. There are various other toys available as well, like the spy cameras and breaching charges, or hidden snipers. You will be saving hostages eliminating the hostiles and in some cases arresting targets.

You are able to customize a soldier’s class, their stealth, shotguns and automatic weapons, name, call sign, face, even outfit. To add to the fun, you are also able to scout rooms prior to entering, draw an enemy out or shoot through a window, and each mode requires a different type of thinking adding to the variations. To survive, you must adapt.

When levels begin, you will control the troops, but there are many details that go into planning prior to the level going “live” and it all has an effect on the mission’s speed and success. The strategy comes into play prior to every level as you plan out who will go where. This comes after micromanaging an entire inventory, as well as soldiers’ actions. The top-down view gives you the ability to easily see what is going on as you prepare your attack.

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However, if you are not paying attention, you will be ambushed. Remember, if the opponent is in your site, then they can usually see you as well and won’t hesitate to attack. You must pre-plan their primary and secondary weapon, assume what’s in their pockets and plan for this. Once a level begins, there’s no altering the outcome. Planning for the best and worst possible outcome is the key to success in Door Kickers.

It gives off a realistic sense of things, but the graphics and sounds are not realistic in any perspective. Although, the troops chatter is realistic. The graphics are still decent, and won’t put your machine under a bunch of stress either. Troop fields are covered in white once being seen, while unseen parts remain covered in blue, making the map easy to understand. The challenge is, hostiles are not identified until seen, and when they vanish you lose track of them.

This brings us back to, if you do not do your planning ahead and you skip having a strategy, you are most likely going to end up on the ground dead from being filled with lead, or at the very least get the hostages killed in the process of saving them. Then there’s allowing the target to escape, evidence being destroyed, and then being shot in the end.

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Then there is the fun fact that each level is unique, so a few universal approaches won’t last long. You need to examine the buildings and plan ahead. If you are not playing in the Double-XP Ironman mode, you are able to make mistakes early on as you can restart missions. However, if you lose a teammate during a level, he is KIA and you lose a shooter, which with the limited number of teammates means you cannot afford to lose another gun.

Overall, real world SWAT teams require team work and pre-planning their attacks and their withdrawals. Door Kickers brings the realistic sense of this to players, requiring them to think ahead or have very little chance of success. The graphics and sounds are not realistic, but allow you to play the game smoothly without having an epic gaming machine. For those who like strategy and taking time to plan ahead, we find it’s worth checking out.

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