Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 Screen

Unlike previous Fallout games (produced by Bethesda, of course) that were roleplaying with first person shooter aspects, Fallout 4 reverses those concepts making it FPS with roleplaying aspects. After about 7 years of hype, scarce screenshots, and an intro/gameplay trailer, the major Fallout addiction was finally satisfied with a release of Fallout 4. The developers gave it an open field for creating your character, which – if you like detail – can take up to an hour making sure it is perfect. The game itself is a wonderful, addictive, and beautifully developed creation.

Story mode

There is a story as to why you explore the apocalyptic wasteland of what was once Boston. However, through a series of detours of you and your dog you find yourself being engulfed in the customization and advancement of your character thanks to hidden bobbleheads, unique weapons, and pieces of armor throughout the city.

In order to not fail to mention the ability to build up settlements, and by build up settlements we mean you will literally spend weeks trying to perfect the way you build your settlements up for optimum defense, appearance, and personal touches. You literally can find fun in just scavenging whatever materials, decoration, or trash you want to from the city to put it in your preferred placement in your towns. The customization is literally within your full control.

Fallout 4 Screenshot 2

Settlement dedication, aside from a few missions, is actually very optional if you are a die-hard story player. The story is set 210 years after the big nuke has been dropped, to summarize the events and prevent any spoilers, your settlement comes under attack. In the attack you, your spouse, and your child are put into cryo-sleep. Then you are prematurely awoken by a man named Shaun and others who kill your spouse, steal your baby, and put you back to sleep.

That is your main mission, revenge and find your child. In the process of this, let’s build cities and scrounge through trash for awesome shiny stuff to decorate with!



One of the drawbacks is the background of the character is always set to male soldier or female lawyer, which really takes away from the RPG feel. Instead of being the shady drifter, you are who you are. The story does progress, and it is so easy to get sidetracked – just by walking three feet to the left you will find yourself going so far off track from your current mission that you question your reasons for trying to go through the story.

The weapon customization is a plus, however, and you can really make sure to add your personality to the game. Though by far not the best Fallout that has been released, it is a good second. You get to align with a faction, and you will always have to choose between good or morally gray. The worst person you can be is a bigoted asshole, not a true villain.

Also, there is a definite streamline surrounding death. As an example, you can no longer get more than 10 unique character builds. Overall, Fallout 4 happened to be a game worth playing.

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