Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Season 1

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To start off, if you have not watched the TV series or played other episodes you may want to do that prior to playing this one. Otherwise, if you are not worried about spoilers, then continue on.

You will start out the Telltale adventure in the Red Wedding Stark-sworn camping grounds, and like in the stone walls, it does not take long for blood shed to begin. The Stark supporters are quickly caught in a violent massacre, and the House Forrester of Ironrath is introduced, brave and stubborn family that experience a large amount of misfortune. There are new villains and the characters introduced during this adventure and of course some of our favorites too, such as Margaery Tyrell, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. The original cast does the voice overs as well.

It is a little surprising that Telltale games choose to jump on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. Although there is a large following, this only increases the constant comparison of detail and clashing with The Walking Dead in style of art and appearance. Some consider the art style to be best for games like Tales from the Borderlands, where bright and dull, light and dark, mild with bold colors are used for contrast. There are times the graphics are great, and other times when they blend together and wash each other out.

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One thing we found Telltale did decently was their version of the character builder. While it is well built, a three-dimensional character builder rather than a two-dimensional builder would have been better.

The initial episodes have a similar feeling to making it through a novel by Stephen King: an almost overwhelming emotion from details and descriptions. Although the game focuses on politics over action, there has to be a limit. The story should be advanced fast enough that players don’t feel like they are being ripped off or cheated by the episode’s ending.

Many fans are simply curious to see how the fate of their favorite characters play out. While choices do not usually impact the outcome in a large way, it is still fun to see how characters are affected in season two. It is more like an interactive comic as choices don’t simply alter the direction of the story, but open a slightly different dialogue.

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However, it is only small elements that are changed, the ending remains the same no matter what choices are made. Some characters may live or die from your choice, while others will die no matter what choice is taken. It is the ability to see how choices affect the following seasons that really brings out the curiosity.

Although it does have its issues with pacing and technical glitches from time to time, Game of Thrones is actually a rather great representation of the HBO series. It captures the harsh and unforgiving natures that constantly keep fans in shock.

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