Game Tycoon 2 (Early Access)

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This review is based on the early access version of Game Tycoon 2 that means it is not in its finished state and what we experienced may or may not be the same in the finished version.

Sunlight Games has brought Game Tycoon 2, a real-time strategy with the focus on developing, promoting and selling video games. Players are offered various options when it comes to game development, which is fun even if it is still in the early stages. Two modes are currently available, “Campaign” mode allowing you to play what’s basically a story mode, while “Endless” mode provides you a number of resources and continues as long as you want it to.

Game Tycoon 2’s graphics were actually a shock to us as the concept is focused on the same facts and figures provided by the game, so the graphics are not a major issue. Although, with being in early access and not being based around the graphics for gameplay, we didn’t find the visuals to be that horrible. It was simple and clean, making it easy to find and view various game elements.

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The real challenge is the real-time aspect of it all, as developing a game takes time, and you will find yourself waiting days (in real-time) for a game to be completed. Some will find this to be a positive, while others find it to be negative.

It brings realistic processing to the game, but at the same time waiting days to advance could prevent people from experiencing the real fun and really getting into playing. The hardcore real-time manager fans will play it purely for the love of doing so, but we believe that it will have a hard time attracting new players who are unaware of this type of genre or new to it.

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Some games really rely on their sounds to be great for obtaining the full experience out of them, but then there are some having great sound effects as simply an extra, and that is where Game Tycoon 2 falls into.

The sound effects and music are not that important, but they does compliment the game nicely either way. It in no way really hinders the gameplay itself. The sound and music are not in-depth or spectacular by any means, but it’s not likely to sidetrack you.

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In the end, we feel that Game Tycoon 2 is a great beginning of a genre. The interface and the features provided allow for creating a successful game as we wanted. Although there were long wait times in real-time, it was still enjoyable, as long as the books were correctly balanced, that is.

Overspending can really dampen things, since short-term games were created just to pass the time and increasing budgets for the long-term games. These of course are not games for newcomers, but more for the long-term fans.

With just a few tweaks here and there, we are sure that Sunlight Games will be able to produce something very special in the real-time strategy and management genre.

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