Goat Simulator: Waste of Space

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Goat Simulator review

Goat Simulator continues to be the most inexplicable, yet endearing game released in recent memory. It’s become a weird cultural phenomenon because of its willingness to poke fun at itself while still being a fairly broken game.

Well, now Goat Simulator is going to try to #MakeSpaceGreatAgain with its new DLC coming May 26th, called Waste of Space. The new trailer above pokes fun at a plethora of popular science fiction films but also looks to make fun of crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter. All with a really average Arnold Schwarzenegger-impersonator narrating.

The trailer is a lot of fun though, and accentuates the charm of Goat SimulatorWaste of Space is aiming to have the biggest map the core game has ever seen, along with space combat by the looks of things. It also boasts plenty of planets to visit.

How do you play it?

Goat Simulator

Here’s a quick rundown of Goat Simulator. It started as a test in the Coffee Stain studios, which provided an environment for developers to learn the basics of the Unreal engine which is used to make the games. Of course, footage was leaked to YouTube and the internet demanded a full version of the game.

Thus we have Goat Simulator. Players control the simple goat with the aim of smashing and destroying various items, and head butting plenty of humans in the process, to score points. When it comes to game play that’s pretty much it, and it’s not changed much. Essentially, the way the Goat Simulator games work is to have a concept and use it to house more of the same.

In Waste of Space, the goat has crash landed on a space colony, which it then have to help build using crowd-funding. Essentially, this involves head-butting crates and people and collecting the money left behind. From here, you’re given more missions, and can find yourself unlocking a whole bunch of other locations on the colony.

Is it any good?

Goat Simulator Waste of Space

The controls are still shaky as always, and the glitches, some would say are the game’s charm, are ever-present and ever-annoying/hilarious. We are also introduced to some new game mechanics. The goat can ride little zero-G motorbikes, while the levels are often low on gravity, so jumping from one ledge to another is gloriously over the top.

Goat Simulator is a lot of fun to play, absolutely, but really, how much more has this franchise got in it? Though we do find ourselves thinking that every time. If you’ve liked Goat Simulator before, you’ll still enjoy the gradual progression and the new setting. If you’ve never heard of Goat Simulator before, well, there’s no reason why you can’t start with this one.

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