Guilty Gear Xrd

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Guilty Gear Xrd

From the creators of BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena, Guilty Gear Xrd is a necessity for fans of fighting games, but it’s also great for those new to the genre. Without a doubt, it is a stunning looking game. While the series is obscure, even among fans of fighters, the latest addition is worth checking out.  It’s a Capcom style revision to the prior game, but adds to one of the most neglected fighting games in recent memory.

While worthy of recognition, Guilty Gear is mainly unknown, largely due to the fact that Arc System Works, the game’s developer, doesn’t have a consistent publishing partnership in Europe. However, while there have been offshoots of Smash Bros. style four-player action, Xrd is considered a mainline entry, (actually, the 5th to be exact) and therefore acknowledges its debt to Street Fighter proudly .

The release of Revelator is only an update on the previous game, SIGN, and not a full sequel. However, it adds depth to an already overlooked game that has been unfairly ignored. While keeping the lines established years ago by Capcom, Guilty gear sets itself apart, and is noted for its hard rock soundtracks and its distinctive, peculiar characters.  Xrd is also a very one of the more technical games, even more than BlazBlue, its successor.

Guilty Gear Xrd: anime in 3D

Guilty Gear Xrd characters

Games by Guilty Gear are known for their outstanding animation. However, as BlazBlue becoming Arc System’s major franchise, they needed a way to differentiate the visuals for Xrd. They solved this problem with impressive ambition, abandoning the superior 2D style they are famous for, and moving to Unreal Engine 3-powered polygons. While it may not look that way in screenshots, but this is truly a 3D game that reads like a 2D fighter.

Anime style visuals have been attempted by 3D titles before, but Xrd has had the most success. A large portion of the gameplay still happens on a 2 dimensional level, which could be considered cheating. Regardless, the 1080p/60fps graphics will make your jaw drop. This is especially true at the conclusion of a fight during special moves, when the camera starts rotating.

The characters

Guilty Gear Xrd review

While the original roster for SIGN wasn’t big, with 15 characters and 2 DLC extras, Revelator introduces new characters.  Jack-O’ summons monsters that he controls with a magical music organ. Johny, a regular in the series with lightning fast sword attacks, looks like a mix between a pirate and Johnny Cash.

Meanwhile Jam Kuradoberi, a bounty hunter and part time chef, in an atypical move for Guilty Gear, fights with her feet and fists instead of weapons. Among a few other new characters, there are also 2 extra DLC characters, with a third to come later. These are offered for free if you purchase the game during launch, or you can unlock them using game currency. These additions bring the character count to a respectable 23.

The cast of characters are bizarre, and may lead people to imagine the game is horribly complicated to master. But in actuality they are user-friendly and easy to learn and control. While SIGN presented technical concepts and moves as optional extras, instead Revelator introduces Stylish Mode. This allows for one button special moves and is helpful with combos.

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