Hide and Shriek

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Hide and Shriek

It is really rare that you will see a video game that has been centered on the holiday outside of limited time events. That is what makes Hide and Shriek quite interesting.

There have been plenty of themed holiday games, but they have a bad history of being really gimmicky, but Hide and Shriek is an awesome game that has just one goal, and there is plenty of depth for this holiday charm, as long as you are able to find someone who will play it with you and be able to fully engage with it.

The story

Hide and Shriek review

The goal of Hide and Shriek is really mischievous. You and your friend will be playing as sorcerer students of competing magical schools. Each Halloween, students will have contests between these rival institutions to see who has the better tricksters.

They will be able to cast invisibility spells on themselves to run around after dark to collect orbs and place them back on pedestals for points.They will be able to cast invisibility spells on themselves to run around after dark to collect orbs and place them back on pedestals for points.

The main catch is that if you or they know where you are, they are able to do a shriek attack to scare their opponents. In order to help with this, there will be runes that are scattered throughout the school that will let students cast spells like fireballs or being able to arm a door with a trap that will send a blast of wind at the player and blow them backwards.

The gameplay

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Hide and Shriek is a two player world in both private and public matches. One player will be the red team while the other will be blue and the goal is to search all over the school to find the orbs inside of desks, lockers, cupboards and more and then try to get to them to your pedestal before the opponent is able to stop you by setting a trap of scaring you.

The matches last 10 minutes and every orb is work 10,000 points with odd points added for tricking or scaring your opponent. Although, the game may end early if you are able to shriek scare the other player 3 different times. You will be able to notice that the rules are pretty simple because this game is completely about strategy.

How will you be able to find your opponent in order to scare them? You will have to be observant. You won’t be able to see them, but you will be able to see and hear doors that they close or open. Most spells will be able to signal where your opponent is or show them right away if they go through our magic. Spells are going to be the best way to get ahead.

Bottom line

Hide and Shriek by Funcom

The only issue with Hide and Shriek is how much players are willing to become engaged in it. It is a scary game, but the one thing notices is that if you aren’t actively going after each other, it would become boring. The fact is once you have a few orbs, you can become defensive and wait out the clock and camp in a room while waiting for the player to figure out something.

Even though Hide and Shriek is based around Halloween, it is quite fun and will have plenty of layers to keep you amused. Shock horrors and jump scares being put aside; it is the runes that make this game that much more fun. They will give you plenty of strategic moves that make it a weird game of cat and mouse for Halloween.

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