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Hitman review

The newest Hitman game is a series of installments in a larger, multi-part story.

You play as Agent 47, as he is being inducted into the International Contract Agency and trained to become familiar with the way missions flow. Twenty years later, you go back as an assassin, gain access to a highly-attended fashion show at a swanky mansion, and find your targets, all of who are layered in security.

Hitman’s gameplay is highly diverse

Hitman episode 1

There is a variety of ways to sneak in and out of the “secure locations” and multiple approaches to completing the objectives. For the creative or curious, this lends a high level of replayability.  The gameplay in Hitman is complex and elaborate and offers numerous opportunities to make decisions, which can dramatically alter the way you execute objectives.

Should you use a wire to choke the target, or infuse their favorite cocktail with poison? These are only a few tactics you can utilize, but there are a multitude of possibilities. But make sure to plan your exit because your enemies will retaliate.

A major element of Hitman’s design is debilitating unlucky NPCs and using their clothes as a disguise, and there are various choices to consider for each mission. Depending on which strategy and which path you take, you will need to change your clothes frequently, since one disguise will only get you so far.

The difficulty of these missions can be further modified by turning certain features and abilities (like seeing through walls) on and off.

The fashion show level

Hitman fashion show level

Hitman’s best level is the fashion show, and it’s a remarkable display of the variety and complexity that can exist in one location. There’s a wine cellar to explore for clues, gardens to stealthily slip into, a large group of people crowded near a catwalk to hide your face, and that’s not even including the extensive amount of hallways and rooms.

It’s nearly impossible to describe the variety of methods you can use to hit your marks, and while you may feel you’ve seen it all, you always end up finding something new.

Hitman’s campaign is short, but replayability is high

Hitman 2016

After you’ve finished your first playthrough of Hitman’s missions, your work isn’t done. Escalation missions can establish new objectives on old levels, adding new conditions and changing available equipment. You can also design contracts yourself. While frequently revisiting the same location can wear on your level of enthusiasm, there is enough customization to these missions to entertain you while waiting for new chapters to get released.

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