Homefront: The Revolution – Microtransactions, No Season Pass

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homefront revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is the soon-to-be-here First-Person Shooter (FPS) by Deep Silver. It has been announced that it will be offering players micro-transactions. However, designer Fasahat Salim mentioned in a recent interview that these micro-transactions would not be including any exclusive content. Salim also stated that the game would not become a “pay-to-win” type because of the micro-transactions, because you would be able to earn all of the buyable content from simply playing the game. Additionally, there will not be a release of a season pass, which may depress some. Both Deep Silver and Salim, along with the developer Dambuster Studios intend to provide post-release content as well.

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Salim explained that, “The game is absolutely not, nor is it going to be a pay-to-win kind of system. Everything that we are going to provide in Resistance, will also be available for free directly in the game. You just have to play it like you normally would. We are simply providing and offering things that not all players may have the time to really invest obtaining in the game through normal gameplay. Without having the time to unlock these cool content additions, they would be missing an entire part of the game. The buyables simply act as a timesaver for those players by providing a shortcut to unlocking those pieces of content. They pay to receive this content, but they are not purchasing content that is simply exclusive to them, anyone will be able to gain access to the same content.”

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It was also stated that Dambuster Studios plan to continue making new missions for a minimum of one year after the launch of Homefront: The Revolution. However, instead of charging players to get a bundle of new missions, it will “drip-feed” these new missions to players free of charge. Salim went on to say, “We will not be releasing any bundles or packs, we won’t be creating map packs, or anything similar. Once we have finished a new mission, we will release it, and people will have the ability to go ahead and play it. This will continue for at least a year after the game has been released.”

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Homefront: The Revolution is not set to be out before May 17, but from we can see, things already look exciting. The Resistance mode appears to be based around a tale of crazy and reckless riding, a recon that went wrong and yelling at your teammates after they have acted irresponsibility with their attitude to healthcare. There are hopes and rumors that the single player mode would live up to the hype.

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