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It would seem that the lives of sweatshop workers aren’t really that comfortable in space as it is on earth. After you spend a day working at the craters, you have to return to a cell that is given to you by boss where all you get is brown food pellets, pillow free bed and if you have been doing well, you might get a VHS tape without the player or a television.

Out in the fields things aren’t that great either. Fallen workers lay everywhere slumped against the rocks clutching their last video recording. There aren’t any bathroom breaks and there aren’t any unions. You will be provided with a jetpack which is great for hovering and once you die that’s that.

It isn’t all that bad here on this galactic factory. The work is a great challenge and diversion. It is really easy to forget about worker’s rights when your main goal is to solve cryptic crossword puzzles. You have a simple task which is to guide an oncoming stream of cargo blocks to an exit point by creating a conveyor belt. You will have to do this segment by segment. Whenever you feel that you have completed the task, then you can start the motor. The cargo has to land on the conveyor belt and arrive intact as well as in the right alignment. You only really need to send 10 blocks to the exit in order to have completed the day’s work, at that point you are returned to your cell.

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The fundamental job description will barely change while you work, but the challenges will increase. You will first begin by laying strings of conveyor bricks around obstacles in order to get the cargo to the exit. Soon, you will be introduced into new tools, and even have cargo that has been diverted to arrive and new destinations.

The new tools will give you access to sensor blocks that can be paired with pusher blocks, welder blocks, and rotatory blocks. There are plenty of ingenuity and variety that comes from a small palette of tools. There are only 18 different block tools.

While the beginning puzzles are easy and can be solved just as easily, soon you will be able to use trial and error way to test out the solutions, while you remove the errors and perfect the timing of your conveyor belts. When things go wrong, you will notice it immediately. This is all about tinkering and inching towards a solution in small steps. Basically, these are logic board puzzles that will have you creating chains of cause and effect.

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Each of the 5 sets of puzzles will have a performance review with your alien masters, who will give you a prize for your efforts before you are returned back to your cell where you can either eat your trophy or throw it against the wall. Through all of this there are segments of information and audio logs and plenty of story for everyone if you happen to be interested.

Infinifactory is a game for those who are looking for a puzzle that will pass the time, starting out easy enough to figure out, but getting challenging enough to be considered a puzzle. It brings the player fun and interesting time and we recommend giving it a try.

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