Layers of Fear

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Layers of Fear

You will be entering a world of a painter who is insane, simply deranged. You will find that Layers of Fear provides an experience that is unique as the camera can have an impact on the surroundings. You will be examining the paintings of this insane painter as well as his notes as you go deeper into his deranged mind.

Unity was used for designing the graphics and they are beautiful and impressive when remembering it’s an indie game. It brings a certain appreciation for the artists as they created a full manson including nails in the structure. They have done such a good job that your jaw drops as an initial reaction. The scary environment is also great as you hear thunder and lightening as you move around the mansion. The fear of not knowing what to expect will hit you when lightening makes it appear you saw something in the corner.

What it’s like to play Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear

You use the keyboard and mouse to move, making controls very easy to learn. As you begin, you will explore the various areas and look for clues in cupboards and drawers, trying to learn what’s going on. The puzzles are also simple, but fun as they become an interactive story rather than a game. As you near the end of what is available in the early access version, there is a cliff-hanger that will make you excited for the finished version.

So, what’s it like to play Layers of Fear and why is it fun compared to the other horror style games? It is cleaver and the fact that no information is provided or an intro cut scene it leaves you to figure it all out. It sort of forces you to do things you are unsure of and see how it works out in this dream-like world. Then there is the way you learn the story and what is going on piece by piece is cool too, but does make it seem more like an interactive story instead of a puzzle game.

A great horror experience

Layers of Fear

Keep in mind that this review is based on the current state of Layers of Fear and as it progresses things may change and new things may become available while certain things become unavailable. Now, unlike other indie based horror games, Layers of Fear is actually rather scary, weird and impressive.

As it does not give off the appearance of being an indie game, but that of a masterpiece, you start off in a hallway of a manson with dim lighting. From there on you are basically on your own, with the concept of exploring eery area of the mansion and examining everything. In order to progress the storyline, you must find keys that open certain doors or objects. Some doors lead to really strange places.

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