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Millionaire slots Casino is a free app that allows you to choose out of several types of slot themes, each having their own graphics and special bonuses. They start you out with 10,000 credits and offer you VIP and bonuses too.

While the app is free to install and get started, it does focus the majority of the gameplay on in-game purchases. If you are looking for a new slot app that will allow you to play a while without investing money, then this may not be the one you’re looking for.

Idea: 6.0

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The concept of Millionaire Slots is to allow players who enjoy playing the slots a fun way to remain entertained. They offer slots with catchy names, such as Crazy Monkey and Lucky Haunter. However, it seems to focus more on the in-game ads and purchases than the actual gameplay and enjoyment. You have to close an ad each time you open the game, and while you are playing too.

When compared to alternative options, Millionaire Slots does not even provide you with a leveling system or unlockable content. We quickly found that it gave us nothing to work towards and made things boring in no time.

Usability: 6.0

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The gameplay is simple to figure out. Once you actually get to the slot selection, you simply choose the slot and then begin to spin. You win or lose, but it won’t tell you what lines won or how much for each line, only the total amount won. We also found the graphics to be boring, and there was no leveling to work towards, just winning or losing.

Price: 7.0

Unlike other slot apps where you start out with 50,000 or even 100,000 credits, you start Millionaire Slots with only 10,000 credits. This does not last long, and you have to start purchasing, which comes at $1.80 for just 12,000 credits. We find this to be very low when compared to others that provide you with 100,000 and progress as your level increases, etc.

Design: 5.0

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The design of Millionaire Slots is simple, but quite dull. The names of the slots seem generic, and the visual appeal is just not there. We found it easy to navigate, but everything else really lacked any spark. The slots seemed distant, not very entertaining.

Utility: 4.0

As for whether Millionaire Slots is fun or not, we really did not get into it. From the moment we started with that 10,000 credits to the time we decided enough was enough, the main focus was on how fast we could go broke, especially after realizing the whole app was built with more focus on the in-game purchases rather than the user enjoyment.


  • Free


  • Generic design and content
  • High cost of credit

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