Desperate for Nintendo NX? New Information Expected Soon

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Nintendo NX

There is a bunch of talk surrounding Nintendo with the unveiling or Super Mario Run, including the brand and potential profitability. Also, their share prices have increased greatly which was seen with Pokémon GO. This hints that bringing Mario into the mobile world is a major step for Nintendo’s sector, which may have a positive impact on the hardware sales that already exist, as well as the upcoming Nintendo NX.

The Wall Street Journal has an article that is focused on this too, consulting various analysis regarding Super Mario Run and how significant it is to the larger picture of Nintendo.

Takashi Mochizuki, an article author cited analysts stating that system details are expected “by early October”. This is logical thinking as a March release does require time for revealing the concept, create the anticipation, and get orders lined up with pre-sales and retailers.

Nintendo NX news

Additionally, Dr. Serkan Toto referenced Super Mario Run by predicting 1 billion downloads could be possible, which would be very impressive as Pokémon Go has only broke 500 million downloads, and it is a record breaking app. Although, thinking long-term it may be possible to hit, and the downloads are referencing the free first offering. Players are going to have the choice to pay a one-time cost for the entire game.

It was also pointed out by WSJ that there were also sales increases for Pokémon games for 3DS and the main series when Pokémon GO was released, as shown with chart results in the past. Hideki Yasuda is an analyst for Ace Research Institute and he has highlighted that smart device releases often combine Nintendo’s other efforts with marketing, therefore directing consumers to the games and creating brand awareness.

Having the goal of directing smart device users back to Nintendo’s consoles are, as stated prior to the unveiling of Super Mario Run, and can be a positive aspect for the company.

What are your thoughts on the ability and success of Super Mario Run being able to provide benefits to systems such as the NX and 3DS? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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