Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch: New Details

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Nintendo Switch release date

At last, it has been revealed – the flashy showing off of the Nintendo Switch in a short three minute trailer. In a number of ways it confirmed many of the more reputable rumors that had surfaced near the start of the year, but of course clarity has replaced a great deal of the doubt. In as little as three minutes, you can learn plenty about the system.

We analyzed the reveal as well as the details that were previously announced and we have included all of them in this guide. We have attempted to offer a comprehensive guide, but as more information comes out we will update the guide.

This is straightforward – in the reveal video that was done by region – Japan, North America, and Europe, the release window was March 2017.

TV Play Nintendo Switch dock

Nintendo Switch

  • Without the tablet console there seems to be little function, with the portable facet powering the device.
  • Includes a charging/power indicator light that when the console is docked it confirms charging.
  • It seams to have 2x USB sockets on the side.
  • The docking unit delivers the image from the system to your TV screen.
  • We assume that there is an HDMI port to connect to the TV.

Nintendo Switch console

Nintendo Switch games

  • A clear cooling vent / fan at the top.
  • At this stage there is no indication that the screen is a touchscreen. There’s no mention of the feature in initial press releases, and that functionality wasn’t shown in the reveal.
  • There is a headphone port at the top.
  • On the right hand side there is a flip-down stand.
  • The screen is described by Nintendo as a “bright high-definition display”.
  • At the top left is the power button.
  • There is a Game Card slot that is the size of an SD Card but chunkier similar to a 3DS cartridge.
  • Next to the power button you will find the volume up/down buttons.

Joy-Con controller

Nintendo Switch specs

  • Because of the games that have been confirmed we are of the opinion there will likely be motion controls, however in the reveal this was not clearly demonstrated.
  • Each has 1x Analogue stick + 4 face buttons (ABXY/UDLR).
  • Each has a Trigger button + Shoulder button.
  • On the right you will find the Home button.
  • Joy-Con looks perfect for selling in the various colors and limited edition designs.
  • On the left is the Non-descript circle button – earlier in the year rumors indicated this could be a ‘social’ button.
  • To the right is the Plus button, to the left is the Minus button.
  • 2 parts come with the core system.
  • This is made up of two detachable controller parts that can be clipped into either side of a special ‘Grip’ or directly to the Switch Console.
  • There is a tiny release button for the detachable mechanism.

Features plus the occasional assumption

Nintendo Switch Skyrim

  • Amiibo support is confirmed, although the scanning method figures and cards haven’t been revealed.
  • 4 people can play on 2 consoles. The basketball segment 4 people playing on 2 screens is shown.
  • There isn’t a 3D effect on the screen, and no indication of this feature.
  • There is no mention of GPS.
  • There is no mention of NFC, but it might come later.
  • There is no talk of 3G / 4G connectivity.
  • The car mount is standardized.
  • We don’t think a camera is on the device, based on footage we’ve seen.

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