Pokemon GO: 8 Tips & Tricks for Gyms

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Pokemon GO gym

The fever for Pokemon GO continues, but the increase in the number of players means that gym competitions become more difficult. Here are a few advanced tips to make the most of your PokeGym experience.

1. Level up

Pokemon GO level up

It may sound obvious, but each time you take your training experience to the next level, it impacts the strength of the Pokemon you can catch.

It’s easy to level up in Pokemon GO, even though it can be tedious. Go to every PokeStop, even with a full bag, since each visit gives you 50XP. You should also catch all the Pokemon you come across because you get 100XP minimum for each one. Using advanced techniques for capture garners even more experience points.

Also, if you use incense or a lure, or are hatching some eggs soon, you can get a boost for double XP using a lucky egg.

2. Get the PokeBall in the circle

Pokemon GO curveball

The number of XP points awarded increases the closer you land your PokeBalls to the center of the shrinking circle (adds a minimum of 10XP). In addition, you have higher chances that the Pokemon will remain locked inside the ball the smaller the target is when you hit it.

3. Throw curveballs

Pokemon GO PokeBalls tips

You can throw a curveball in a variety of ways. One way is to just bend the throw on your screen before you release. Another way is making small circles with the PokeBall on your screen before releasing. When you capture a Pokemon using a curveball, you’ll earn 10 extra XP, and the chances the Pokemon will stay locked in the ball are higher.

Hitting a Pokemon using a curveball can be difficult, so before you try it, have a bountiful supply of Pokeballs for the first few times.

4. Before you evolve, power up

Evolving Pokemon

How strong an evolved Pokemon is relates directly to how strong the creature you started with was. Capture the Pokemon with the highest combat power (CP) that you can before you evolve them. Sometimes its less expensive to increase CP using stardust and candy before evolving Pokemon.

5. Match your battles right

Pokemon types

There are several classes of Pokemon in the game, with a mechanic similar to rock-paper-scissors. For instance, while fire will be more likely to beat grass, water will be more likely to beat fire, and grass will most likely beat water. Attacks on Pokemon that are vulnerable to your type will accrue twice the damage. Some Pokemon are immune to attack and others have two classes, which is sometimes good if one type negates the weakness of the other, or it can be bad if weaknesses combine.

6. Don’t start fights you can’t win

Pokemon GO battles

The other thing to be aware of, besides the class of a Pokemon, is the CP of your opponent. When comparing Pokemon, the one with higher CP always wins. With a little luck, or if you have chosen the monster type wisely, it’s possible to defeat a higher-CP Pokemon, but large CP differences are nearly impossible to surmount.

7. Tap and swipe quickly when attacking

Pokemon GO fight

How quickly you swipe and tap could be the thing that determines if you win or lose. Standard attacks are launched with a single tap on the opposing Pokemon. A special attack can be unleashed once your attack bar is full, just press and hold to activate it.

Swiping either left or right makes your Pokemon dodge an attack if it’s timed just right, which can prevent your Pokemon from getting knocked out.

8. Gain PokeCoins by holding gyms


While PokeCoins can be bought using real money, they can also be earned when you hold gyms, including the ones you support for your team, making it worth your time to seek them out.

Have you any more tips to share? Post them in the comments below and check more articles about how to find rare Pokemon and how to play Pokemon GO in any country.

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