How to Find Rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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Rare Pokemon locations

Pokemon GO is an international sensation sweeping across the world. The players have already found dead bodies, fallen off cliffs, and saved a man’s life. You could say the world has already been changed by Pokemon GO.

If you’re playing the mobile game, chances are you’ve already collected a decent number of monsters. But how about rare Pokemon like Blastoise, Dragonair, Muk, Charmeleon, or Charizard? Those are somewhat harder to find.

Legendary Pokemon

However, there are some tips we can provide. The easiest way to find those Pokemon is to level up. Hitting level 10 means you’ll begin finding more rare creatures lurking in your neighborhood. Stopping at Gyms, PokeStops, catching Pokemon and other activities within the game help you level up, making it fairly easy to get to the next level.

Pokemon GO

After you level up a bit, use the Nearby menu to find the rare Pokemon. This feature will show you which types of monsters are near. Fewer footsteps below the Pokemon means it’s closer to you. Three steps is approximately 300 meters. The Nearby menu also allows you to choose the Pokemon you’d like to catch. This helps the game find the Pokemon you want, instead of spawning the same kinds of monsters repeatedly, particularly if you walk in the same area.

Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO is a wonderful game that gets people to move out of their comfort zone, and everyone seems to be playing it. Tell us about your own Pokemon adventures in the comments below and check out how to play Pokemon GO in any country.

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