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To start off, this obviously is not a game, it is an application for building RPGs that markets itself as being so easy that a child would be able to use it. In all fairness, if you are simply looking for the basic bare-bones experience, it is fairly easy to use.

Those wanting to obtain better skills and learn the in-depth features of RPG Maker MV, get ready to spend hours doing so. Just starting out, it is possible to spend dozens of hours simply creating your first couple of maps. However, if you have the concept for a game and it has been your dream to make it a reality, then it provides all the tools needed.

It also includes a character generator that allows you to easily create your own custom characters, but it can be limited, and characters can appear similar because of these limitations. Due to the lack of character options it was also hard to create female characters that looked feminine. This area is rather limited too. However, the community has covered some of these issues by releasing custom parts that can be added to the character generator.

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In addition, the community contributors also release various plugins that replace some scripts in the previous versions. Many cool possibilities are created using these small pieces of code, such as changing the main menu or customizing another area. YouTube provides many great tutorials to get you started and shows you how to get things done in RPG Maker MV. There is a help section in the plugins as well.

In the new version of RPG Maker MV, users now have the option of choosing side or front view during battles, which many have been waiting a long time for. If you choose to use side view, the character generator also assists you in making the battle characters. You are able to use commands to alternate between the two views during battle to make it even more interesting and unique. As for special attacks, if you can think of it, then it can likely be done. For example, adding customized sounds for attacks or even implementing a voice-over is possible.

For the majority of the game, ‘events’ are what connects everything. Events are used for various situations, such as signaling a boss fight or an important conversation. It is very important that you learn how to use events and make them work, though this is not too difficult. Another important thing is knowing how to use ‘switches’ which prevent certain events from happening until the switch has been activated by the player. Best of all, it’s actually quite simple to figure out. One common use for switches would be treasure chests. Generally, you only want a chest opened once to gain a reward. Using a switch prevents the same chest from re-opening. No previous JavaScript or game coding knowledge is required.

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Then there is the impressive artwork. There are some pre-made characters that are rather cool, so you may find not all of your characters will need to be custom, which speeds up the process of development. Also, there are music tracks in the DLC that are actually quite good that you can use in the game to save time from creating your own, unless you just want custom tracks. You don’t have to worry about not getting the ‘epic boss fight’ vibe from the pre-made tracks, as they come in all genres from horror to fantasy.

There are also more tile sets available than in previous versions. Pre-made maps look professional and ready to go. Although you can create your own custom maps, it can take hours.

No matter what type of battle backgrounds you want, from historic to futuristic or cross genre RPG, the tools for you to create them are available in RPG Maker MV. There is no doubt that you will be able to create a great game. As the community is constantly expanding, the options are also growing with graphics and plugin possibilities. This application can make your concepts come true.

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