Street Fighter V Looking Great on PC

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Street Fighter 5

If you are a fan of the Street Fighter series, then you may have noticed that the graphical aspect of things began showing its age quite a while ago, namely in Street Fighter IV. Of course, if you are playing it on Steam, their version allows you to customize the anti-aliasing and particle effects, even tweak shadows to increase the experience a little. If you are looking to get a slightly different look, you can even add after effects. But even once all the polishing is done, the result still shows the same stages and models that Street Fighter fans have been looking at for years, ever since it was released to the arcade in 2008. Seven years nowadays seem like quite a long time, and even longer if counted in gaming years.

Updated Graphics Released with Street Fighter V

Street Fighter 5 Screenshot 1

Now, with Street Fighter V hanging around in the air for a near future release, we can expect more modern graphics and brand new mechanics to make things interesting to go along with new characters. Just to show off the distance that graphics has covered, people over at PC Master Race, thanks to an early access key for the PC, geared up in 4K and released some screenshots that are really quite amazing. The screenshots show the four characters that are currently available to play, including Necalli, Vega, R. Mika, and of course Ken.

Street Fighter 5 Screenshot 2

There are also some high-quality 4K videos floating around the internet that we recommend checking out. They showcase the game’s graphics in a great new way, being not only of high quality but also highly detailed. It looks like you are really up close and personal with the characters and the action.

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