Super Mario Run Will Be an Exclusive for Apple iOS

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Super Mario Run news

Nintendo is getting further into the mobile gaming world, but this time, Nintendo has brought along their most beloved character, Mario!

During Apple’s event, the legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto went on stage. He is the creator of the Super Mario Bros. game, so it only seemed right that he debuted the first mobile Mario game, titled Super Mario Run. However, it will be an exclusive to iOS.

“The first Mario mobile game is going to be coming out only on IOS at the start,” said Apple’s CEO Tim Cook when he was introducing Miyamoto at the Apple event.

Super Mario Run on Android

In Super Mario Run, players will be navigating the traditional 2D Mario levels with the main goal of collecting all the coins possible in a certain time frame, prior to reaching the flagpole at the end. By tapping on the screen, the auto-running Mario will be able to jump, allowing players to use a single hand to play the whole game.

In addition to the single-player mode, the game will also have “Toad Rally,” allowing players to go head to head and see who can collect the most coins. The final mode will allow players to “create a Mushroom Kingdom of your own” using the coins that are collected.

This piece of news comes just before the expected announcement about Nintendo NX. Could a major update be coming soon?

Are you going to play Super Mario Run? Feel free to comment below and check out Ark: Survival Evolved having server issues and Homefront: The Revolution refusing microtransactions.

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