Tales from the Borderlands Season 1

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If you’re a gamer, then you have asked the “what makes a great game?” question at some point, answers to which vary from person to person. Some play for the story and characters, others for the excitement and interaction. Tales from the Borderlands was released by Telltale Games who have other popular titles such as Game of Thrones in their résumé.

This is a point-and-click episodic comedy adventure that takes place many years after the events that occurred in Borderlands 2. There are five episodes in Tales of the Borderlands: Catch a Ride, Escape Plan Bravo, Zer0 Sum, Atlas Mugged, and The Vault of the Traveler. The story starts with two protagonists, Fiona, who is a faster talker and a con-artist, and Rhys, a cybernetically enhanced geek. They’re captured and taken over the wastelands. From there the storyline bounces between past and present, as the elements of the story unfold. The characters’ back-stories are also revealed along the way: Fiona’s journey across Pandora with her companions, and Rhys’s fall from Hyperion ranks.

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The plan is to steal ten million bucks, with Fiona and her sister Sasha selling a fake vault key for a lot of money, and Rhys with his friend Vaughn, an accountant, attempting to screw over the boss. But things don’t go as planned, as the money ends up missing after the bandit leader takes it. The goal is to locate the real vault key and get the bounty.

When it comes to the graphics, Telltale’s art style has been questioned as a suitable fit for some of their titles like Game of Thrones, but for Tales from the Borderlands, it is a great match. Then there are the engaging camera effects that Telltale use for adding comic value, and it could be the best episode introduction we’ve seen so far.

Not everything about Tales from the Borderlands is perfect. Take the dialogue, for example. We’ve found that there are parts of the script that appear forced rather than occurring naturally. There are certain things that can make or break a character’s relationship, and Telltale have managed to let a few of these instances get past them. While this is not a major downfall that would fully ruin the gameplay, some may find it rather annoying.

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Other than that, the script is very funny and it provides for continuous laughing throughout the story. Each character offers something a bit different than the others, and when grouped up, they complement each other. Fiona and Rhys, for example, have charms of their own, and when together, act like children.

What makes Tales from the Borderlands different from the others in the series, is the feeling of wanting to play it over and over. The characters are quite attractive, and the script is filled with humor and great cinematic detail throughout. Although the game has some downsides, it is obvious that the positive aspects out-weight them and make this game an undoubted success.

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