Tekken 7 Releases in 2016

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During the PlayStation event held at the Paris Games Week, Tekken 7 took the spotlight as the crowd cheered. 20 years after being ported to PlayStation, it was said to be the last of the Tekken series, including the ending of the Mishima clan saga. It was noted by the Bandai Namco’s community manager that it would be “dark”. The question is, what should we expect from the release of Tekken 7 and rumors surrounding it?

Gameplay: What to Expect

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So you heard about Tekken 7 being a new thing, and now you are asking the popular question: what is there to be expected from Tekken 7? Well, due to the game just being announced recently, there has not been much known about the gameplay. However, we have found some general information about the game. Those who saw the announcement trailer praise the graphics. Since Tekken 7 will run on Unreal Engine, we are likely to see characters with great detail and dynamics, as well as environments that are reactive and interactive. Additionally, Unreal Engine 4 is also used in creating VR games, so it’s a possibility that Tekken 7 will have elements of PlayStation VR. However, at this point it is only a speculation.

Tekken 7 Screenshot 2According to the Bandai Namco community manager, Gaëtan Gireme, we should expect new characters along with the older characters that the fans have grown to love over the course of the past 20 years. “Other than just great graphics, various new characters will be joining the fight”, said Gireme. Kazumi Mishima is one of the new additions to Tekken 7, who appears to be Heichachi Mishima’s wife and the mother of Kazuya, but no other details have been provided.

This is practically all the information that has been released about Tekken 7 so far, but keep checking back as more details surrounding the game, what characters to expect and additional information is released in the following months.

When to Expect a Release?

The other thing you may be wondering is when we can expect Tekken 7 to be released. Unfortunately, there is not much to talk about. During the event in Paris, it was announced that the games release can be expected sometime during 2016, but no additional information was provided. Like with the rumors about the gameplay, keep checking back as more information becomes known to the public. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.

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