Tekken 7

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Tekken 7 review

Several months ago, Tekken 7 premiered in arcades in Japan. Presumably, a console version will be available next year, (a version for PS4 is confirmed). Meanwhile, if fans want to play right now, their only option is the arcade version.

After a long wait, I received the arcade cabinets for Tekken 7. It was my first time playing the game. I tried a practice mode, the arcade mode, and also three bouts against a human adversary. Based on my experience so far, I am happy to have this version join the series.

What’s great about the arcade version is the inclusion of a practice mode. You have five minutes where you can choose a character and put their moves through the paces. I haven’t played games at the arcade for years, but until now, I’ve never seen a practice mode included in an arcade cabinet.  Keep in mind, practice mode requires one credit, and after your five minutes is up the game is over.

The arcade Tekken 7

Tekken 7 arcade

The arcade version of practice mode is much like console form of Tekken. You can give a beating to the A.I. whatever way you like. You can modify the difficultly in order to practice parrying and blocking, or choose to have them do nothing. This is useful when learning each character’s particular moves.

After some practice, I was ready to try arcade mode. I decided to be Claudio so I could check out one of the new characters. And let me tell you, Claudio has some cool moves. He has lots of nifty kick combos as well as punches that are very effective. I would say his style is comparable to Lars Alexandersson. That describes Claudio the best.

Tekken 7 new characters

Before I completed the arcade mode, another player interrupted by challenging me. He was tough and preferred using Lili. Matches last longer in versus mode since you need to beat your opponent in three rounds. When I played as Claudio, my opponent won, but when I chose to play as Asuka Kazama, I just barely beat him. Afterwards I continued with the remainder of arcade mode.

It’s worthwhile to mention, the arcade mode has only five stages, and two wins are required for each stage. Characters are picked arbitrarily in the first three stages; however, you face Heihachi Mishima in the fourth stage and Kazumi Mishima in the fifth.

Tekken 7 mechanics

Tekken 7

When it comes to gameplay, Tekken 7 manages to retain the core mechanics that have been behind the series’ popularity, while still playing very quickly and fluidly. I noticed a couple new moves were added to Asuka Kazama’s arsenal. The parry system is also new. I don’t know the name, but blocking your rival’s attack leaves you set up to beat them up.

The Rage Art is biggest change to Tekken 7. If you have low health, you can let loose with a blistering attack that does a lot of damage. There are those that would argue this move is somewhat cheap since it means you are too easily catching up to your opponent, but watching the special moves is cool.

The visuals are impressive

Tekken 7 characters

Visually, the game is great. The character’s bodies even look a little bit sweaty after a fight. I was impressed by the newest levels too; particularly the stage that’s volcanic and you face off against the final boss, Kazumi.

Overall, Tekken 7 is turning out to be a great game. I hope I will be able to play again soon so I can have more details about the remaining characters. It’s likely that the console version will have more characters and content added. However, with gameplay that’s addictive as it ever was, the arcade version is a lot of fun.

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