The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

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In 2013 Neocore released The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. Over the years, they released several entries into the Van Helsing lineup. Then they listened to their fans further and released the Final Cut version of the game. This is a compilation of the three games and their DLC’s. The collection has been fixed and tweaked, and since many have never really played the original, there is no real way to be able to attest to what is actually new outside of listing word for word the blurbs that have been written on the Neocore website. Since most have never played the first entry, it gives many a chance to get a fresh experience by playing Van Helsing in the best possible conditions.

Not only does the game look great, it has two main characters, the son of Van Helsing and Katarina. They have great banter and there are three different storylines to follow. They tend to make fun of each other, give advice and fight alongside each other.

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You start with picking from 6 classes. They will seem to blend in with each other so there are there are really only three classes with different specializations. The skill trees are different as well, but they are essentially the same except for a few specific skills here and there. Each class is different and they are visually interesting.  The quest structure happens to be a bit generic. You simply click those who have a green exclamation mark and then follow the objective marker and click on those with a green question mark over their heads. This allows you to explore the world and more. There are various activities that you can do as well. You also can play in tower defense mini-games.

Though the game is heavily inspired by Diablo – we’ll talk about it later – Neocore tried their hardest to set it apart, especially when it comes to the aesthetics. Everything has been uniquely designed, especially Borgovia where the game takes place. It is this gothic-noir styled steampunk world that has robot soldiers, underground labs filled with horrifying experiments, and Victorian-era streets. Enemy variety is sparse in the beginning but as you go through the game there will be more ghouls and beasts that are introduced. Even better, you will be fighting against flying turrets and some crazy abominations with chainsaws in place of hands.

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Let’s get it straight, Van Helsing is the greatest Diablo clone that is out there. That is what makes it a double edged sword as it is just a clone of Diablo. Fans of action-RPG genre will be able to tell this and it is very impossible to not be completely aware of that almost everything that Van Helsing does well, it has been done better before.

Everything, from the end game dungeon to loot-based equipment, is almost an exact copy of Diablo. Even the price points are about the same being around $75.00 with the DLC. It eventually becomes a question if you should just purchase Diablo 3 instead.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing isn’t something new, and most RPG’s have taken the advantage of the road that Blizzard paved with their titles. What makes it obvious is that Neocore tried to set it apart. The Final Cut isn’t just a great game, it’s a fantastic game from start to finish, influenced heavily by Diablo. So make sure you try it yourself.

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