Titanfall 2

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Titanfall 2

Whenever Respawn Entertainment show the concept for Titanfall and managed to hint at it being a multiplayer and single player first person shooter that is full of robot warriors and acrobatic action that would be able to compete with Call of Duty, but Titanfall 2 is what everyone is wanting to play.

Respawn managed to double down on the amazing formula of grandiose scale and breakneck movements, tapping the vein of those figurative and literal explosive moments that have been bragged about. This time around, it is the lacking the single player component has admirable results that offer a trek through a universe that was begging to be pushed out.

The story

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The Titanfall 2 campaign is the tale of Jack Cooper, a rifleman who has been unexpectedly given the reins of BT or Vanguard class titan BT-7274, when the two happen to be stranded on Typhon after their ship was brought down by an ambush by IMC, the evil Mega corporation. Their pairing is a good one, but it is kind of predictable, with both of the characters managing to play off each other in a fashion that fits.

The artificial intelligence of BT happens to give him a personality that is logical, dry, and ready to completely misunderstand Jack’s comedic effects and colloquialisms, while Jack happens to be relatable everyman who knows nothing about being a pilot much less a grand hero. They dynamic of the pair doesn’t really reach the level of buddy comedy and banter that is wanted, but what does come across is a mutual respect and caring that they will find for each other.

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This manages to set the stage for this pair to work together through 9 chapters of levels that will showcase the talent of Respawn. Every chapter will be a sprawling playground of massive factories, debris fields, twisting jungle valleys, and military structures that have been given their own dense atmosphere thanks to dramatic lighting and vistas.

Being able to play through 6 hour campaigns you will find yourself easily impressed to find that each level is big enough to double jump, wall run, sprint and hurdle through while being organized enough that you will never get lost. It is quite linear, but just open enough to be able to create an illusion of having freedom. Occasionally you may be forced to stop and then look at the objective beacon, which is pretty awesome when it comes to spending time going through mazes of air ducts or across the assembly lines that are large enough to create whole buildings.


Titanfall 2 story

Everywhere that you look you will be reminded of your insignificant size. You will feel quite small when standing next to your titan, but larger when you are piloting BT, but dwarf sized when it comes to the unique structures that are actually towering over BT. The levels have been crafted with both pilot and titan in mind, which requires you to travel though toxic sludge or through a poison cloud while inside of a titan until a bottomless catwalk or narrow chasm forces you out to be able to go through walls and railing with a string of dashes and leaps to be able to clear a path for your titan to be able to follow.

The Typhon environments will be your enemy in Titanfall 2 as the robots and humans being to bar your progression. The extreme cold, heat, deadly electrical discharges, fatal falls and hazardous waste are present within obstacles and will give you a way to learn and excel at the movements within Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 gameplay

To the credit of Respawn, the platforming design is quite refreshing for a first person shooter. Throughout the campaigns there are new mechanics that are being introduced that range from interesting puzzle elements to brand new additions, such as using cranes to move wall running places to create paths. By time that you get to the end, you are expected to be able to combine everything to go through a severe obstacle course that mixes combat with acrobatics.

In parts of the game you will be expected to bounce from wall to wall while being able to swap items in the air to power switches that swing to the next wall to be able to land on it. This games takes a lot of precision when you are sprinting in a floorless area where your poor timing or a missed input may cause you to fall to your death.

Although the story is enjoyable, Titanfall 2’s secretive plot twists and drama won’t be enough to sustain another play through alone. Although, since there are only 4 difficulty settings, when it is combined with the short runtime, you will be interested in going back to see if the mobility skills are good enough to keep yourself alive when the odds are stacked against you. Hunt down collectibles that have been placed just out of your reach.

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