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This free casino has a fun and interesting interface. From the moment you open it, you will find that the layout of the games and elements is easy to understand. It offers a progressive level that makes for a fun experience. You can also connect via Facebook. You will find that there are bonuses and an option to send gifts to others. You start out with 60,000 credits. As you advance and gain higher levels, you unlock even more games.

Idea: 10.0

Those who enjoy playing the slots but are unable to make it to a casino – or lack the funds to do so –  can install Vegas Jackpot Casino for free and begin playing right away. You will find that it has in-game purchases available as well, such as additional credits that start at just $2.99. There are many unlockable games that extend and enrich the gameplay for quite a while.

When you click on the bonus, you are taken to a wheel that allows you to make a spin with a chance of winning additional credits. You are able to spin at regular intervals. These credits do not count toward your level, though. To level up you must win more in the games.

Usability: 10.0

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As the interface is designed to be very easy to move through, simply sliding left and right to select the game you want to play, the navigation is very simple. The settings, balance and other features such as bonuses are also easily seen on the screen.

Price: 10.0

When it comes to the cost, it is free to install and play, but does offer in-game purchases, such as credits, that start at $2.99 for 60,000 credits. We think this is quite reasonable, since you can bet as low as 600 credits, and winning more credits will make the $2.99 last a while.

Design: 9.0

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From the moment you start it up to the minute you log out, the visual appeal is solid. You will find that it is easy to figure out what’s going on because of the way they have designed the app. And the colors used only make it that much more attractive. The amount of flashy visuals never leaves you bored, and the sound effects only make it feel more like a real slot machine.

Utility: 9.0

If you are looking for a fun and interactive slot app that will keep you busy, then we recommend trying Vegas Jackpot Casino. It is one of the best slots apps we have tried recently. It is free to play, with reasonable in-game purchase options. You have a progressive level indicator that allows you to unlock new games, and they offer various features like bonus spins, mega bets, and more.


  • Free
  • Great interface and layout
  • Fun to play


  • Music may get repetitive and annoying

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