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There’s good news for those Left 4 Dead junkies who’ve been painfully awaiting a sequel to the L4D2, which was released years ago. A small developer has stepped on stage to deliver a fix for the afflicted. The company’s Fatshark. The fix’s Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide.

It takes on many aspects of L4D but sets it in a gloomily gothic medieval universe of Warhammer. The action takes place in an Imperial city known as Ubersreik. You can choice one of the five separate heroes to fight hordes of giant rat-men also referred to as Skaven. Each class has different weapons and a unique look that makes them special.

This game takes on a co-op mission play that gives you a chance to set out on different quests with your friends, enjoying the many surprises and searching for loot hidden across the maps.


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You will be playing the same maps multiple times in this well-designed game. However, the game almost never repeats itself. Each time you revisit a map, the enemies are different, and there are sometimes special loot and encounters that not everyone gets to experience. Since this is a co-op setup game, if you are partied online with only a couple of random players, you could find yourself in a mess. If you are low on life and you begin to hear enemy soldiers marching in your area, you’re in trouble.

This game takes more than just button clicking, hacking, and slashing. You have to be organized, especially on higher difficulty settings.


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Aside from random special enemies that are thrown at you, there are literally hordes of different types of enemies that make this game more interesting. It puts you in situations where you have to switch between melee combat and ranged attacks to ensure your own survival.

You face the virtually impervious Stormvermin troops, a mini-gun wielding Ratling Gunner who focuses on one party member until his death, and the stealth Gutter Runner who will always go for the player farthest behind. Many more enemies with their own unique abilities and strategies infest the lands, leaving you to exterminate the vermin.


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When you search for a game session to join, you may sometimes be placed directly into one already in action, replacing a bot, or you may go to the inn with a party while you search for more members. Unfortunately, not every player cooperates well. While some run off to do their own things, you weep because of their incompetence. Bring your own to enjoy the best strategic chances against the Skaven.

Fatshark’s work

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Every character comes with its own backstory which you learn along the way, as well as with dialogue that is both comical and slipping out at a right time. You could see the developers’ love for their characters in the level of detail they provide, as well as in the detail of weapons and loot you find all over the gameworld. This alone makes accomplishing missions on the highest difficulty settings more rewarding and satisfying.


To sum it all up, Vermintide is a great L4D clone that is focused on melee combat and features some pretty neat RPG elements. It’s epic, exciting, and beautiful enough to satisfy the majority of the players, which makes us to recommend that you give it a try.

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