XCOM 2 Official Mods

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XCOM 2 official mods

One of the most interesting announcements early this year was Firaxis’ official partnership with Long War Studios, developers of the popular Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. According to the agreement, LWS has produced three mods for XCOM 2, all of which were available for free at launch.

SMG-series Weapon

XCOM 2 mod SMG-series Weapon

This mod added three new submachine guns, one for each weapon tier: conventional, magnetic, and beam. SMGs provide bonuses to mobility, concealment, and close-range accuracy compared to the assault rifles, but there is a penalty to long-range accuracy and damage output.

Muton Centurion

XCOM 2 mod Muton Centurion

With this add-on, you get a new alien unit – the Muton Centurion. It is stronger than base Muton and can grant bonuses to other alien units. They can be easily identified by their red armor and the special face mask.

XCOM Leader

XCOM 2 mod Leader

This mod gives the special “Leader” path for XCOM soldiers, which can be unlocked via an upgrade to the Guerilla Tactics School. There is also a new pool of ten new abilities that Leaders can draw from.

The Toolbox

XCOM 2 mod Toolbox

But that’s not the end of the partnership. The companies have agreed on releasing five more mods, with one of them already available today – The Toolbox. The rest will be coming soon, but no specific timeframe has been given yet.

The Toolbox provides several tweaks to the mechanics of the game:

  • Configurable camera rotation in tactical missions
  • Damage variation
  • Random stats on level-ups
  • Random stats for new soldiers
  • UI that shows soldier stats in different menus
  • UI and other support for 12-soldier squads
  • Red Fog (a modifier where injuries affect soldier’s stats)
  • Auto-combat resolve

And four more

XCOM 2 mods Long War Studio

As for the others, the second mod LaserPack will contain a new tier of XCOM weaponry, the following PerkPack will have a set of 70 new perks and several new classes. The fourth AlienPack shall introduce an update to Muton Centurion mod with a horde of enemies to fight. The fifth pack is a mystery so far, but the developers promise to unveil more details at a future date.

Are you already enjoying the official mods? Tell us all about it in the comments below and check out our review of XCOM 2!

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